AR XTLabs is a technology company focussed on specialized Information Technology (IT) Products and Services. AR XTLabs assists customers to adapt and benefit from emerging technologies to run their business effectively. The offered services  are:

  • Cloud services
    • Consulting & Advisory
    • Cloud Migration & Management
    • DevOps  
  • Digital transformation services
    • Analytics / Big Data
    • Security & Governance
    • Enterprise Mobility
  • Managed Services
    • Application Development
    • Application Management
    • Infrastructure Management

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

AR XTLabs "Cloud Transformation Framework”, a technology agnostic methodology, assists the customers to transform their IT assets to Cloud after due diligence. Further, AR XTLabs offers the services in Managing the Hybrid IT Infrastructure spread across the In-premise Servers and Cloud Infrastructure. AR XTLabs Cloud Services include:

Consulting & Advisory

AR XTLabs Cloud Solutions will transform your Strategic vision into reality. Experienced team of Consultants will be involved at every stage to ensure that your business benefits the most from an effective Cloud Adoption strategy. AR XTLabs helps its clients in building a Cloud adoption and migration strategy taking a holistic approach considering their business and financial imperatives. Consulting & Advisory services with “Cloud Transformation” Framework consisting of:

  • Well-defined Assessment Process
  • Roadmap with In-depth Strategy
  • Cloud Architecture Design
  • Secure Migration Model

Cloud Migration & Management Services

Each client environment is unique and requires a lot of attention to detail while executing a migration strategy. Our migration methodology brings a process oriented approach with standard templates, checklists and design frameworks, which take the pain out of the migration process. The methodology is constantly refined based upon our latest learning from implementations of other client environments. 

  • Preparing Applications to run on Virtualized Environment
  • Migrating Applications to the Cloud
  • Management of Hybrid Cloud Environment


The disruptive approach of DevOps is bringing about a paradigm shift in the way we work. AR XTLabs combination of its proprietary methodologiesand an experienced team with in-depth expertise in automation of cloud services spanning across platforms such as Azure, AWS and Google’s Compute, helps its clients in making effective use of these technologies. AR XT Labs flexible Global Delivery model helps in reducing cost of ownership while simultaneously delivering applications on time, every time.  

  • Preparing applications to run on Virtualized environment
  • Migrating applications to the Cloud environment
  • Management of migrated applications in a Hybrid Cloud environment

Digital Transformation Services

Enterprises are increasingly seeing a transformation in their interaction with their clients, which is moving faster towards Digital media and services. A smart enterprise uses every touch point with their clients as an opportunity to engage and influence them and draw vital lessons from these interactions.

The focus at AR XTLabs  is to help clients adapt to these changing expectations and draw up a Digital Transformation road map that identifies short-term goals as well as medium and long-term imperatives. Our thought leaders in the Digital Transformation practice provide Consulting services that guide our clients through their Digital transformation journey. Our services include

  • Strategy Definition after understanding the objectives and goals of the Senior Management
  • Integrated marketing support
  • Research and Analysis of key inputs from all customer touch points
  • Drawing a roadmap for Digital Innovation for an Enterprise
  • Assist Customers  in implementing the roadmap

Analytics / Big Data

  • Analytics                           

    • Business Strategy & Assessment
    • Evaluation & Architecture
    • Adaption and Enablement
    • Governance, Assurance & Auditing
    • Visualization – Reporting, Analysis & Dashboard Solutions
    • Data Integration, Quality and Migration
  • Big Data
    • Use cases Identification
    • Assessment, Scope Definition and Analysis
    • Evaluation, Architecture and Infrastructure Design
    • Capacity Planning
    • Proof of Concept (POC) & Pilot

Security & Governance

Our services in Security & Governance include the following:

  • Assessment.
  • IAM Strategy and define Models.
  • Technology Review/Evaluation.
  • Migration/Deployment and user provisioning.
  • Define Governance model and implementation.

Enterprise Mobility

  • Strategize Mobility around existing Business Solutions
  • Integrate legacy Applications to Mobile devices
  • Technology Evaluation
  • User Experience and Responsive Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Deployment and Improvization

Managed Services

AR XTLabs Managed Services  help the Customers in effective Management of their Legacy Systems and also assists them in laying a Modernization road map after considering the Business Objectives. AR XTLabs assists the Customers in supporting the existing Information Technology (IT) Applications and assumes Responsibility for providing a defined set of services pro-actively or on need basis.

  • Application Development

    • Application Engineering & Modernization
    • Enterprise Application Integration
    • Application Assurance Services
  • Application Management

    • Application Operations
    • Application Maintenance
    • Production Support
  • Infrastructure Management

    • Network Management
    • Infrastructure Engineering Services
    • Information Security Services