VUiN is a young innovative media entertainment company all set to mobilize and deliver premium south Indian content like films, TV programs and events to millions of subscribers worldwide.

Film and TV content has always been a major source of entertainment for the Indian masses and with the changing lifestyle demands and a sizeable Indian population living overseas the ability to deliver the content anywhere and everywhere, faster and better has now become a top priority, . Thanks to higher broadband speeds and advancements in multimedia technology, the content can now be delivered legally anywhere in the world faster than ever before, bypassing piracy and saving the loss of billions of rupees suffered due to the illegal flow of content. Also, the ability to process targeted ads and the ad revenues involved has already made VOD a lucrative industry of the future with an everlasting growth and limitless earning potential.

We acquire, deploy, market and distribute legal entertainment content. We help the content providers reach audiences directly and dynamically thereby adding more value and long lasting revenues for their content. We also ensure your content reaches wider audience and broader markets.

We offer consumers a never experienced freedom and control over their viewing content with highly interactive system to personalize their content. There are no more restrictions to how and when they want to watch their favorite programs. Our service can be enjoyed through a wide range of devices like TVs, consoles, tablets, smartphones, blue-ray players, PCs, set-top boxes that work with a wired or wireless broadband connection.

Our services are available through subscription, pay per view and advertising based prepaid models, and we are working hard to make it available to audience.

Penny for a Pin

Penny 4 a Pin is an app served to allow users to drop pins as to where they are, when they are in a business, and in return for dropping the pin they will be rewarded. When users have dropped a certain number of pins they will be compensated. Additionally, the app includes a number of other features in order to promote interactions between users and interactions between users and the real life business entities around them.

Penny for a Pin
vareRU - Next Level Updates


VareRU works to provide state-of-the-art tracking applications for businesses with fleet vehicle and delivery operations. VareRU seeks to improve the business processes and efficiencies of these small to mid-size companies by increasing their knowledge about what is happening from the time their driver leaves on assignment to the time the driver completes the assignment and returns to base. VareRU is dedicated to working with small to mid-size companies to provide them with easy-to-use technology at reasonable rates.


The creation of an app “mScroll”, will allow the title insurance to disperse tasks to qualified abstractors and track progress. Once the abstractor has completed the task and passed the Quality checks, the application automatically triggers the Payment processing. AbsFlow app also solicit feedback from the parties involved. Thus, the app enhances the Abstractor Transaction process to reduce the turnaround time and improves efficiency thru automation & technology.

Visa Flow

Visa flow is  a SAAS application that will streamline the filing and management of all visa applications. Filing visas today is a cumbersome and manual process with many steps to reach completion. Visa flow will automate the process, eliminate all the errors, and increase the speed of filing all in a self serve platform. Visa flow will cut overall costs while increasing efficiency, fulfilling its motto of less hassle, better life.