Who we are
"Developing products & solutions and offering services at the intersection of mobile, location, cloud, workflow and entertainment!"


Our skills 

Penny for a Pin - An app which rewards its users for dropping a pin

A delivery centric location platform called VareRU.

Abs Flow - A program to help improve financial services.

Visa Flow - a program to help improve immigration services.

Mobile 90%
Location 90%
Workflow 90%
Media & Entertainiment 90%


VUiN is a young innovative media entertainment company all set to mobilize and deliver premium south Indian content like films, TV programs and events to millions of subscribers worldwide.

Film and TV content has always been a major source of entertainment for the Indian masses and with the changing lifestyle demands and a sizeable Indian population living overseas the ability to deliver the content anywhere and everywhere, faster and better has now become a top priority, . Thanks to higher broadband speeds and advancements in multimedia technology, the content can now be delivered legally anywhere in the world faster than ever before, bypassing piracy and saving the loss of billions of rupees suffered due to the illegal flow of content. Also, the ability to process targeted ads and the ad revenues involved has already made VOD a lucrative industry of the future with an everlasting growth and limitless earning potential.


Client satisfaction

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